Today wifey and I went to a very successful IEP meeting! After the debacle of an IEP meeting at Monkey Boys school 2 weeks ago where the principal insulted my son, my wife and Aspie’s everywhere, (and almost got an award winning book thrown at her head), my wife and I met with the District Autism coordinator, (whose eyes were bugging out of her head at that meeting), who encouraged us to come take a tour of another school in our city that actually had an Autism program and is fully staffed with Autism specialist teachers and aides and occupational and speech therapists.  AND it had a 3K program for kids on the spectrum as well!

We agreed though we had our misgivings at first. We were very impressed with the school. The entire time we were there we saw aides walking kids down the hallways. The kids were very laid back. There were kids in wheelchairs and kids with physical handicaps and everyone was very laid back and all the other kids didn’t give them a second glance. They were accepted as normal and included. The kids were allowed to talk quietly while they walked in the hallways. (In case I’ve not mentioned it, in his current school Monkey Boy had his recess taken away because he was humming to himself in the hallways!), the kids were allowed to talk while in the cafeteria (Monkey Boy’s current school has Silent Lunch for students although the hypocritical teachers are allowed to make as much noise as they like), AND Monkey Boy LOVED the library!!! When we left Monkey Boy was like “So when do I start?” And since he went on the tour, every day after school, “Am I starting the new school yet???”

Anyway, we had an IEP meeting scheduled for Tantrum Tot, because he qualified for services…and since he qualified under PDD-NOS, they had to go ahead and place his qualifying factor under ASD…so Tantrum Tot has his official diagnosis!! So now Aspie Teen has been officially diagnosed, Monkey Boy has been officially diagnosed, and Tantrum Tot has been officially diagnosed!!! The BEST part…is that they are now actually going to receive the help they need!!!! 

We are still working out services for Aspie Teen but the District coordinator said that even though he’s in online school, he still qualifies for services in this district. So we’re starting the process for him as well. FINALLY  a ray of hope in the storm that is our lives!!!

The next step? My wife and I have to decide whether or not to pursue legal action against the school principal for her actions and the actions of her staff who adamantly refused to consider or discuss the accommodations we brought forth in our initial IEP meeting as well as the insulting, condescending and bullying behavior of the principal herself.