Living with a house FULL of Aspie’s can be many things,  ranging from frustrating to angering,  but it’s never dull and sometimes it’s very humorous. 

Today, I took Tantrum Tot and Chunky Monkey to Barnes & Nobles so Tot could play with the Thomas the Train table while mom went and got her nails done. 

Tot behaved perfectly I might add,  which is keeping with his MUCH improved behavioral change which has occurred lately.

Anyway, when we got home I was so hungry, I could have eaten cardboard.  But Chunky Monkey was letting me know in no uncertain terms that he had to eat NOW.

I had already pulled a can of tuna out opened it and cut it up. .. so I asked Aspie Teen to finish it up for me while I fed the Chunky one. 

Now knowing who it was i was speaking to,  I gave very specific instructions like,  use the sandwich rolls,  use mayonnaise on the bread,  add a slice of cheese. . I was very proud of the fact that I remembered to be so specific.

And then of course Aspie Teen did the most Aspie Teen thing he could do. He put the entire can of tuna on the sandwich bread! !! His reasoning, “Well what else was I going to do with the rest of the tuna? ” So apparently it was the most logical conclusion in the world to him.  Below is the monster tuna sandwich he brought to me. 

And shamefully I had to admit,  I was so hungry I ate the entire thing!