Monkey Boy and Tantrum Tot have been loving their new school and coming home each day extremely happy. Especially the Tot who gets to ride his beloved school bus home.  His life is complete because he gets to ride his bus. (Buses, trucks and planes are his current special interest).

A small hiccup in this,  is that the Tot is now home 4 hours earlier than before and my wife doesn’t want him to go to daycare after school.  What you need to keep in mind here is that my wife home schools Aspie Teen,  is currently enrolled in online college classes herself,  works from home,  has Chunky Monkey,  and fends off constant calls from her mother begging her to be a taxi service every day.  Not to mention doctors appointments etc.

With Tantrum Tot home,  there is no chance to do anything else because he requires constant attention in order to keep him from melting down.  Add to that Monkey Boy coming in with his friends running amok,  and now the Tot trying to dominate the video games and/or play time,  my poor wife goes into meltdowns of her own very often because of this chaos. 

Today,  after getting only 1.5 hours of sleep last night and only 3.5 (maybe) hours the night before, my wife had to get up and go the Dr. who kept her there for hours before even seeing her,  then coming home,  running back out to another Dr.’s appointment, then driving Aspie Teen to the book store to hang out for a while and then having 5 minutes before having to pick the boys up from the bus stop, wifey was pretty darn near done. 

Monkey Boy went outside to play and Tantrum Tot wanted to go out with him, so since we’re in the very back of the subdivision and get very little through traffic especially at that time of the day, wifey decided to let him go play with
Monkey Boy in the parked minivan right in front of our house. 

Well they were out there playing in the van,  having a good old time,  and the Tot occasionally hit the horn.  Mind you I’m not talking about leaning on the horn for minutes at a time here,  but he did hit it a few times. 

Well a lady who lives across the street comes out and tells Monkey Boy he can’t play out here if he’s going to make this much noise,  because he’s disturbing her!!!

Well of course Monkey Boy immediately goes into compliance mode because he’s been taught to listen to adults. The only problem is now he’s trying to drag a screaming Tot out of the van and into the house. My wife who was working on quieting down the baby, now had to take off after the Tot who was now running down the parking lot melting down because he “couldn’t play out there anymore”.

Where did she get off talking to my kids at all let alone giving them directions and ultimatums!?!

Why didn’t her miserable chicken s*** @$$ come knock on our door and speak to my wife?

But no, she feels the need to go intimidate my son because oh dear Lord, she was inconvenienced! Again, this wasn’t at 9:00 p.m. in the evening, or 5:00 a.m. in the morning, it was like 4:30 p.m.

Now this isn’t about stop picking on my autistic kids, cause only one other family in this subdivision knows anything about my family’s autism issues.

No, this is about how dare you speak to and try to intimidate my children and not speak directly to the parents, especially when the parent was right there.

I don’t understand these people, who seem to think that they are better than everyone else, and are so self-righteous. I’ve never lived anywhere before where your neighbors won’t even speak to you when they see you at the mail box.

Their whole world is based on what church they go to, and if you don’t go to their church, that makes you somehow defective, and God forbid you don’t go to anychurch, then they just write you off completely.

Where I’m from, if you dared to speak to someone else’s kids without talking to the parents, you were going to jail, and that would only be afterthe @$$ whipping you got from the parents, while the police waited for you to be done .


Every time i think we improve something in our situation, something like this happens which reminds us how much we don’t fit in with these Martians, and reminds us how miserable we are here.

But I’m telling you something right now, I’m reaching my fill of people harassing my kids because they’re too chicken shit to come talk to my wife and I.