For some reason,  the Tot and Monkey Boy are having a resurgence of can’t fall asleep at night even in the Melatonin dosages they are taking.

This is making for some rough mornings trying to get them ready in the morning.  Now my morning routine is insane as it is.  Get up at five. ..try to iron my work clothes,  and more their uniforms too,  try to squeeze a shave, shower I’m,  get my wife’s coffee maker set up so theres magic ready for her when she wakes up,  and then i get Monkey Boy dressed while he’s semi comatose. 

Then while he’s brushing his teeth which is pretty funny to watch sometimes,  get the Tot ready while he’s sleeping.  Then when MB comes out get them both  out to the car.  They usually would wake up en route to the school. 

But since they’re both going to sleep later now,  this morning we get to the school and this  is how they were.


Not good! !!!