We are a family that loves to go to the movies.  I think the large screen and loud volume really helps the kids with some of their sensory needs. 

Only for the longest time we had to stop going as a family because of Tantrum Tot. He would not sit in the movie theater.  He would run around,  cross behind other people sitting,  keep running in and out of the theater,  throw popcorn and drinks,  and generally make it impossible.

So we had to start splitting up and one of us ended up taking the kids to the movie while the other one stayed home with the Tot. Something that my wife can’t stand,  but that can be another post.

Well yesterday,  we decided that since the Tot has had some improvement in the behavior department, we would see if he would be able to handle it again.

So our trial decision was a kid cartoon that Monkey Boy had wanted to see,  Mr. Peabody & Sherman.


We showed the Tot the preview online, and he immediately wanted to see it.  We told him they had popcorn there and he was sold!  (The Tot,  like his dad,  LOVES popcorn).

We piled the tribe in the minivan,  and off we went to our favorite theater. First the Tot was an angel while we were in the ticket line,  and when we were waiting in the concession line,  that was when I took the pic that’s in the top of the page. 

He sat through the movie with one exception,  when he got up about twenty minutes into it and i had to follow him out to go get some candy.  The entire way out he was scolding me about not going with him and he was going by himself, with me reasoning with him,  but how are you going to pay with no money?

When we got back to our seats he sat back down with his mom and finished the movie.  He was very loud and enthusiastic during the movie which annoyed some people,  but screw them,  he was happy. 

He was quite upset when the movie ended, and even ran back inside the theater once and sat down again,  saying he wanted more movie!

I don’t know if he’ll be that good next time,  but at least in this one area there’s hope!