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Yesterday started out good,  went sideways really quick,  started turning around again,  ran into today,  and I’m not liking where it’s heading so far today.

If you read my last post,  yesterday started out being a good day.  Then we actually had to leave the house with Tantrum Tot and the day went to crap.

I’m sorry,  I love the Tot to death, but quite honestly he is not ready to be out in public for extended periods yet.  Despite the vast increase in his vocabulary,  and the marked improvement overall that IS visible since he started 3K in the new autism school, he still has violent meltdowns at the flip of a switch for mininal provocations.

He went from happily running around the store and hiding in the fridges (see pic),


To him running up front trying to leave the store,  and me chasing him. Attempts at redirects failed miserably.  The end result was my parking a fully loaded grocery cart, picking him up and strapping a violently melting down Tot into the minivan,  driving home and picking up a very indignant Aspie Teen to come help with the Tot. (Who of course calmed down right after we got back and then Chunky started in). Grrrrrr!

When we got home,  and we were trying to put stuff away,  he continued with the meltdown,  even threw a cup of chocolate milk in the kitchen.  By this time my patience was completely done. Public meltdowns really get to me.  I can’t help it.  I feel like everyone is looking at me and wondering why I can’t control my kid.  I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs “He’s autistic ok? !”  Which makes me feel like crap and send my frustration levels through the roof, so by the time I got home I lost it,  and unfortunately even yelled at my wife,  who luckily didn’t kill me on the spot. (She SO deserves better than me).

Both the Tot and Chunky passed out at 6:30 p.m. due to all the screaming wearing them out. So since we knew we were now officially screwed, we did what any other set of special needs parents do when faced with a similar situation,  we started installing laminate floor in kitchen!

We were up till midnight doing the floor,  didn’t get too far,  and by 12:30 a.m. I was unconscious.  But the Tot and Chunky were still awake with their mom.  I have no idea what time they passed out.  I feel horrible about leaving her up alone like that,  but I literally couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore.

This morning I am in incredible pain in my legs and back (I’m old,  sue me,  my 21 year old body has been replaced with a dysfunctional model) Chunky behaved so well,  this morning



and he went down for a nap so I pulled another box of flooring down,  figuring I could do some while wifey was sleeping and the second I get the box down,  the Tot comes out!  SO not funny!


Saturday Morning Autism


The Tot

Mom is still asleep,  Chunky Monkey just woke up,  but Tantrum Tot has been really good today and he’s loving sitting in the sofa watching Amazon instant videos on my Kindle Fire with his headphones on.

I actually was able to have my morning Bustelo with some buttered toast!  Not to say that the morning was perfect,  cause with both Tantrum Tot and Chunky Monkey awake it was busy,  but at least it was more calm than usual! 


Chunky Monkey Man

I’ve mentioned before that Tantrum Tot and Monkey Boy don’t often get along.  Well tonight was a freaking ridiculous night.  Chunky Monkey would not behave unless someone was holding him.  (Try holding a 18 pound squirmy baby for any amount of time and then tell me how your back and arms feel).

The Tot kept flipping between cute and loveable and handcuff him to the wall modes,  like he had a dual personality disorder.  Well at one point the Tot was watching Team Umee Zoomy in the Kindle Fire,  Dora on the large 50″ TV, and something else on the iPad all at the same time while sitting on the floor in front of the sofa.

Well Monkey Boy comes downstairs and lays down in the floor in front of the TV and switches the channel.  That wasn’t a problem.  The problem started when Monkey Boy or his head on the baby’s bop-it pillow. The Tot list it,  immediately going over to the pillow and pushing his brothers head out of it with his feet. Monkey Boy gave up the pillow and moved over on the floor to give his brother side space  only the Tot didn’t want him there at all and kept kicking in him to get him to move. 

I told Monkey Boy to get up and move five times before I lost it a little,  which of course means that Monkey Boy lost it. He got up and flopped in the couch while i tried tell him that The Tot doesn’t mean to do things like this,  that he can’t stop himself once he starts,  while Monkey Boy insisted that yes he can,  he just doesnt want to.

So there I was stuck smack in the middle of a situation where I’m trying to explain to my 9 year old autistic son how his 3 year old autistic brother can’t stop himself one he goes into meltdown mode, who can’t believe me because of the rigid thinking issues that stem from his autism! 

Oy Vey! There isn’t enough alcohol in the world sometimes! 

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A song about Autism….thought this was good enough to share.

The Tot just found the five minute hourglass timer from the  Pictionary game! 

He’s shaking it and saying “I want it to come DOWN!”

Dear GOD,  this is just a meltdown in the making!  Time for a redirect quickly!

Which just happened to be in the form of Team Umi Zoomy on Amazon Video on the Kindle Fire!

Disaster avoided Captain!  Beam me up Scotty!

Next mission: get Chunky Monkey and Monkey Boy to sleep!


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Hoppy Easter from My Aspie Clan

This morning my Aspie family participated in our annual egg hunt. 

That is after the kids had already been up for three hours already,  while the Easter baskets the Easter Bunny left for them sat completely unnoticed in the dining room table!

Anyway,  Happy Easter everyone.  May it be a blessed day for you and yours!


Easter morning loot which they couldn't see!


The hunt begins


The Tot finds a cache of eggs


Aspie Teen enjoys himself


Monkey Boy is digging his loot


Disney are extreme opportunists


The neighbors join in


No part is complete without Chunky Monkey pics.

I Absolutely LOVE My Son

Today Aspie Teen and his never go home friend cooked hamburgers.  I was already half asleep due to my having to change my schedule to an earlier one for the week.

Anyway,  Monkey Boy was very upset because he thought I had gone to sleep without eating.  So I roused myself from my stupor and had him bring me s burger.

Well earlier in the day I had brought home some sandwich rolls for my wife to make cold cut sandwiches on. 

Monkey Boy brought me a burger. .. but the burger was sandwiched between TWO sandwich rolls!  He didn’t take one and slice it open,  he took two separate ones and stuck a burger in between them! !!

This is the pic of the burger… you can barely see the burger through all that bread!   I LOVE this kid!!!


What were we thinking?

As part of my wife’s “Get me out of this house this summer or I’ll kill you honey” vacation plan, we went to Family Kingdom down by Myrtle Beach.


First off Chunky Monkey. . Poor baby is teething and the noises scared the poop out of him. So he pretty much cried a lot of the time we were there. But then got acclimated and settled down.


Monkey Boy-As usual was his too hyper climb on everything self.  He even ran off and got on line for the roller coaster after I told him to wait and it took me five minutes to find him. But after that he behaved pretty well.


Aspie Teen was his usual withdrawn self at first but then got into it,  and he and MB got a chance to go off on their own for a while to do the big kid rides.


Tantrum Tot. .. was in his element.  One we got to the kids rides,  he listened to ask the ride attendants,  and by the end of the night,  had it down pat.  He would walk up to the ride,  turn around and stand against the sign where they measured you,  then stick his arm out so they could see his wristband and get on the ride.  And then it was over,  he would run back to the line in the same ride And do it again. 

He went on each ride at least 8-10 times each.  And the only time he melted down was of course when it was time to go.  He behaved so well in fact that I wondered who he was,  what he did with Tantrum Tot,  and did I have to find out before we went home?


My wife,  is the strongest woman I know.  Literally five minutes after arriving at Myrtle Beach,  she got suddenly and violently ill.  She was vomiting ummmm… let’s just say she was vomiting out of both ends simultaneously. 


Everyone thought the trip was over but she adamantly refused to leave saying she was determined to stay because she brought the boys there to have fun.

And we stayed until 11:00 p.m. She had bits of feeling better and bits of run to the bathroom.  Halfway through the day,  I discovered that I was in walking distance to a Walgreen pharmacy and ran to get her some Pepto pills. If that had been me,  I would have gone right home!

The kids had a ball and my wife got to get out the house,  though it didn’t quite work the way she had imagined.


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