I’ve mentioned before that Tantrum Tot and Monkey Boy don’t often get along.  Well tonight was a freaking ridiculous night.  Chunky Monkey would not behave unless someone was holding him.  (Try holding a 18 pound squirmy baby for any amount of time and then tell me how your back and arms feel).

The Tot kept flipping between cute and loveable and handcuff him to the wall modes,  like he had a dual personality disorder.  Well at one point the Tot was watching Team Umee Zoomy in the Kindle Fire,  Dora on the large 50″ TV, and something else on the iPad all at the same time while sitting on the floor in front of the sofa.

Well Monkey Boy comes downstairs and lays down in the floor in front of the TV and switches the channel.  That wasn’t a problem.  The problem started when Monkey Boy or his head on the baby’s bop-it pillow. The Tot list it,  immediately going over to the pillow and pushing his brothers head out of it with his feet. Monkey Boy gave up the pillow and moved over on the floor to give his brother side space  only the Tot didn’t want him there at all and kept kicking in him to get him to move. 

I told Monkey Boy to get up and move five times before I lost it a little,  which of course means that Monkey Boy lost it. He got up and flopped in the couch while i tried tell him that The Tot doesn’t mean to do things like this,  that he can’t stop himself once he starts,  while Monkey Boy insisted that yes he can,  he just doesnt want to.

So there I was stuck smack in the middle of a situation where I’m trying to explain to my 9 year old autistic son how his 3 year old autistic brother can’t stop himself one he goes into meltdown mode, who can’t believe me because of the rigid thinking issues that stem from his autism! 

Oy Vey! There isn’t enough alcohol in the world sometimes!