Yesterday started out good,  went sideways really quick,  started turning around again,  ran into today,  and I’m not liking where it’s heading so far today.

If you read my last post,  yesterday started out being a good day.  Then we actually had to leave the house with Tantrum Tot and the day went to crap.

I’m sorry,  I love the Tot to death, but quite honestly he is not ready to be out in public for extended periods yet.  Despite the vast increase in his vocabulary,  and the marked improvement overall that IS visible since he started 3K in the new autism school, he still has violent meltdowns at the flip of a switch for mininal provocations.

He went from happily running around the store and hiding in the fridges (see pic),


To him running up front trying to leave the store,  and me chasing him. Attempts at redirects failed miserably.  The end result was my parking a fully loaded grocery cart, picking him up and strapping a violently melting down Tot into the minivan,  driving home and picking up a very indignant Aspie Teen to come help with the Tot. (Who of course calmed down right after we got back and then Chunky started in). Grrrrrr!

When we got home,  and we were trying to put stuff away,  he continued with the meltdown,  even threw a cup of chocolate milk in the kitchen.  By this time my patience was completely done. Public meltdowns really get to me.  I can’t help it.  I feel like everyone is looking at me and wondering why I can’t control my kid.  I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs “He’s autistic ok? !”  Which makes me feel like crap and send my frustration levels through the roof, so by the time I got home I lost it,  and unfortunately even yelled at my wife,  who luckily didn’t kill me on the spot. (She SO deserves better than me).

Both the Tot and Chunky passed out at 6:30 p.m. due to all the screaming wearing them out. So since we knew we were now officially screwed, we did what any other set of special needs parents do when faced with a similar situation,  we started installing laminate floor in kitchen!

We were up till midnight doing the floor,  didn’t get too far,  and by 12:30 a.m. I was unconscious.  But the Tot and Chunky were still awake with their mom.  I have no idea what time they passed out.  I feel horrible about leaving her up alone like that,  but I literally couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore.

This morning I am in incredible pain in my legs and back (I’m old,  sue me,  my 21 year old body has been replaced with a dysfunctional model) Chunky behaved so well,  this morning



and he went down for a nap so I pulled another box of flooring down,  figuring I could do some while wifey was sleeping and the second I get the box down,  the Tot comes out!  SO not funny!