It always amuses and frustrates me when I think about the fact that doctors make such a big deal about the whole,  “kids with autism don’t do imaginary play thing”.

Really? You don’t say?  In her book,  my wife goes into how she had imaginary friends and imaginary puppies that went with her wherever she went,  no matter what it was she was doing.  Isn’t that the highest form of imaginary play?
Tantrum Tot, used to line up his cars all day long. Not so much anymore,  but still.  And each car has a specific purpose in his mental script . Trying to make one of those cars do or say something other than what is in his head that they say is a one way ticket to meltdown-ville. And while that still is true today  (although honestly not so much anymore), he still does the whole imaginary play thing. 

A perfect example is today he imagined his toy puppy was real.  He had to have real food for him,  (which was Fruit Loops). And then he went to his mom asking her to help him with his puppy.  Apparently,  he was forcing the Fruit Loops in this toys head!


The Toy


ALL these Fruit Loops were in the dogs head! !!