At 11:37 p.m. I glanced at the clock…I jumped up and said…oh no! We didn’t go get more wine!!! (In our ridiculous little town you can’t buy alcohol on Sunday’s). If I can make it to Wal-Mart before 12:00 I can get some! My wife who was sitting on the sofa reading schoolwork on her laptop said what any supportive wife would say…GO HONEY GO!!!!

The weekends are becoming more and more difficult for us with the Tot’s behavior becoming increasingly worse. (We are trying to raise funds to get him a service dog). So we’ve been using wine as way to keep us mellow (believe me there’s not enough wine in the world), or at least to take the edge off.

When I came back from the store with 2 bottles of wine and a pack of Seagram’s Escapes, and we both sighed…we knew we had issues! LOL