Monkey Boy plays baseball now.  He’s on a team sponsored by a local church.  He loves being active and social.  This is NOT the kid I’m worried about having social hang ups… (at least not yet anyway).

I usually take him and the Tot,  and sometimes Chunky Monkey to his practices during the week in order to give their mom a much needed break from the insanity which governs her life.

Well his games are every Saturday,  usually at 9 a.m. ( sadistic bastards making us get up that early on a Saturday) and like everything else in our lives,  these games create their fair share of chaos.

The stress of getting ready for these events,  and getting the clan out the door is usually enough to create strong desires for vats of wine in my wife and incredibly strong urges to break things in me accompanied by the overwhelming urge to eat (I comfort eat,  sue me).

When we actually get to the game,  I usually don’t see much of it due to the need to take the Tot for walks or over to the playground to keep him calm and happy.

Today after going through hell to get everyone out of the house,  (which apparently is my fault for taking too much time for myself this morning before walking everyone up to get ready), we got to the game and the Tot was doing so well!!! He was happy, and he was even standing at the fence next to the dug out and cheering for his brother! The Chunky Monkey was loving being outside in the sun and was sitting straight up in his stroller taking in all the sights…


Chunky Monkey at the game

Chunky Monkey at the game


Chunky Monkey was passed out when I got back from the playground!

Chunky Monkey was passed out when I got back from the playground!

Well one of the mother’s in the stands behind him had a REALLY penetrating sort of voice and every time she rooted for one of the kids, both my wife and the Tot physically jumped. After a few times of this happening, the Tot started flapping his hands and leaning from side to side. My wife spotted the signs in time and I was  able to take him to the playground before the meltdown started. The poor kid was doing so good too…I’m starting to wonder if he might have SPD and we haven’t caught it yet…










And poor Monkey Boy, struck out every time he was at bat today which is really weird cause usually he hits like a rock star…but by the end of the game, after having struck out and their team lost the game, he was in a bad mood which means he had to be separated from Tantrum Tot for a while till he worked his way through it, since he came off the field like “Great! Now my dreams are ruined!” Cause he was hoping that his team went undefeated through the season…he looked like a little storm cloud stalking off the field!



Just a typical day for the Aspie Family!20140517_091752-1