Today was a long day for all of us starting with a 10:30 a.m. baseball game for Monkey Boy, then going to stores with Monkey Boy, Tantrum Tot and the Chunky Monkey in tow….woo hoo…THAT was FUN…

Anyway we go home after the stores and continue our floor project. We have the foyer, living room and dining room done (except for the trim and baseboards, and half the kitchen. Well today was the first day for the pool in our subdivision to open and Mr. I’m a fish Monkey Boy has been pestering us for the past 2 weeks to go when it opens. We let Aspie Teen take Monkey Boy to the pool, as he’s had a LOT of practice in that area from all the trips we’ve taken to hotels with pools, and lazy rivers…Aspie Teen does a really good job and Monkey Boy is a VERY strong swimmer. Also the pool  is literally a straight shot to our house and if you sprint it’s less than a minute away.

Well apparently Aspie Teen’s friends two brothers came by and went to the pool with them. A few hours later Monkey Boy and the Teen come in no problem, go change and life goes on…

Well when Monkey Boy was trying to fall asleep, he said “What’s the use I’m probably just going to have nightmares anyway.” Now I know Monkey Boy has had Night Terrors before so I ask him how long has he been having nightmares, and he was very evasive. My wife comes in from dropping the Monster In Law off at her house and he told us that Aspie’s Teen friend’s brother who was at the pool with them almost drowned in the deep end and Monkey Boy jumped in and SAVED HIM!!!!

Monkey Boy saved a human life…no thought, no doubts…saw the situation at hand jumped in and handled it!!! Words cannot describe how AMAZED AND PROUD OF THIS KID I AM!! And just when you thought you couldn’t feel any better about your kid, he goes on to say that he just keeps worrying about what would have happened if he wasn’t there…that the boy could’ve drowned…he’s feeling bad because he couldn’t stop it from happening so the other boy wouldn’t have had to experience what he did and probably have nightmares himself.

I have the MOST AMAZING ten year old in the world!!! Not only did he SAVE A LIFE at ten years old, but he gave me a perfectly good reason to do a cyber flip-off to all the idiots in the world who insist on thinking that people/kids on the spectrum are LESS or that they cannot do as well as NT’s in any given area…well guess what? My kid saved a life without hesitation or discussion…what did yours do? NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH!!! (I’m sorry, that was a little immature wasn’t it?)

Three cheers for Monkey Boy! The greatest 10 year old on the planet!