Today the wife and I went to Monkey Boys school,  to have not one but two IEP meetings,  one for Monkey Boy and one for the Tot.

Well come to find out that both of them are doing very well,  and their teachers are delighted with them,  they’re progress and their behavior. .. to which we had to ask, even the Tot?

Turns out the Tot is a well behaved ANGEL at school!!!!! I actually had to play them videos on my phone of episodes he’s had at home.  They couldn’t believe it!  So now they are going to focus more in the behavioral area when he goes back to school next year.  Until then though, the wife and I need to survive the summer! (More her than me,  and she’s already at the end of her rope I’m afraid). 

The school offers an Extended School Year program,  but it’s only for 2 weeks/10 days.   So I’m afraid the Tot may have to go back to day care for the summer for the sake of our sanity. Luckily the Tot really liked his last day care which is where he would be going back to. 

He does better with the structure and routine that the daycare provides anyway.  Staying at home while the baby is around,  Aspie Teen is doing school work and Monkey Boy is running around like a maniac only destabilizes his routines and his mother is still in school,  is home schooling the Teen  and trying to keep up her writing,  blogging etc while I’m at work is exhausting for her.  So the daycare will be a good solution all around.

Of course when the Tot got home from school today he had such a bad day that his mother was in tears by the time she went to bed and I wasn’t in much better shape myself.  Monkey Boy had a meltdown too.  So good start to the day,  but a horrible ending.  The story of my life.