You know I’ve mentioned briefly, that this house of mine was a God send 2 years ago when we got in it. We were in a desperate “we’re going to be homeless in a few weeks if we can’t find a house SOON” type situation. My wife went online and found this house…and we were able to get it with Owner-Financing which was great because my credit was REALLY low at the time…the house ad read that it was “recently renovated”…HA! What a FREAKING LIE!!!

The kitchen cabinets are the original kitchen cabinets from the 1970’s when this house was built. They are the ugliest, flimsiest things I’ve ever seen…and in such disrepair that I recently had to pull one off the wall because it was quite literally falling apart…the carpets which were supposed to be “new” were simply shampooed, re-stretched and re-cut. And they left gaps in the corners of each room. In the dining room, they actually left the carpet un-tucked instead of finishing it by the sliding doors to the back deck. And the back deck is pitched on an angle and the cement is all cracked up. The house was recently re-sided right before we got it…and when they did it, they covered up all the outdoor electrical outlets. And the back door threshold is broken and when it rains, our laundry room gets flooded which runs into our kitchen! And oh yeah they advertised that the roof was recently redone as well.  Well I recently switched insurance carriers and when I had the roof re-inspected, the roofer said that roof is about 10 years old minimum.

Today, after an early morning rush to get to the final game of Monkey Boy’s baseball season, we had to come home to get ready for my mother’s 72nd birthday party…nothing big…(since we don’t socialize with anyone, just my sister, her girlfriend, her daughter, the monster in law and my kids)…AFTER I ran Monkey Boy to Game Stop to get a game, and my wife ran Aspie Teen over a friends house to buy Yu-Gi-Oh cards for his collection…we were home finally and my sister etc. had left, it started raining…REALLY raining…so of course the rain came in under through the broken threshold in the laundry room…here’s the hitch…we installed laminate flooring in the kitchen!!!

So we literally piled all the towels we could find on the floor in the laundry room to stop the water from leaking under the laminate…this is going to smell LOVELY tomorrow…and since my wife has SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) and can smell EVERYTHING….well you get the picture….


I swear…I HATE this house…if I knew that it needed all this work when I bought it, I could say well we knew what we were getting into…but the person who sold it to us told us it was in good condition cause he just put a bunch of work into it…I shudder to think what his idea of a lot of work is…because on top of the issues mentioned before, the stairs are falling apart in the house, the a/c doesn’t blow  upstairs and I just had a new unit and compressor put in when I moved in…almost none of the light switches in the house actually WORK and we have to walk over to the light/ceiling fan and pull the cord in almost every room…and light bulbs constantly blow out quickly which tells me there’s a short somewhere…and the garbage disposal under the sink CRACKED and leaks anytime you run water on that side of the sink so we can’t use one side of the sink OR use our dishwasher until I get that fixed. I have four kids, three of which are autistic…there is no “free time” to do things ourselves (we’ve been laying laminate for 4 months already!) or “extra money” to hire someone to do it for us…(the last handyman I hired did such shoddy work I can’t even go into it now)…I’m scared to death something is going to happen to one of the kids because something broke…poor Aspie Teen and Monkey Boy have to go upstairs with no a/c in the summer (which is now), and bake up there during the day…I’m scared that when they come down the stairs, they’ll finally finish breaking and they’ll fall right through them…

I am so NOT a handyman either…


My wife and I have done some major things in this house…like laying down laminate flooring…remodeling the master bath and the upstairs bath…repainting the ugly ass cabinets and putting tiles down and grouting them on the counters…but I swear I need Jonathan & Drew Scott from the Property Brothers


or Nicole Curtis from The Rehab Addict


or Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri from Cousins Undercover


or Tarek and Christina El Moussa from Flip or Flop


to come do this house for me…for free would be great since I have NO savings for a rainy day to fall back on…if you’ve never seen these shows, you should Tivo them on HGTV…they are fantastic! I stand in awe of these creative geniuses who manage to do what they do. They are a lost and dying breed…those who create…instead of destroy…restore instead of abandon and see value in what others see as lost causes. The world needs more people like this…people with vision…and the willingness to make a change…and do some good…instead of just saying well that’s not my problem…but I digress…

I’m putting in for promotions in different states and if I get one of them my job’s relocation company will buy the house from me, but if I can’t get it fixed up I’m going to be stuck with it, or else take a beating on what they’ll buy it from me for! (which would just be my luck wouldn’t it?)

Anyway…that’s my rant for the night…thanks for listening…