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Today Monkey Boy got signed up for Tae Kwon Do. He’s been pestering us for months and today we signed him up. 
He’s was SO hyped up when we got home,  wifey told me to engage him to calm him down. what do I do? I sit him down to watch The Forbidden Kingdom with Jackie Chan and Jet Li! Nothing to calm a boy down like 2 kung fu masters going at it right?

But this is the first time in a long while monkey boy and i got to hang together and I’m loving it. I’m so proud of him!


Your autistic three year old,  conquers a water slide! 

In a last ditch effort to give wifey an option to take the kids somewhere and have a choice to do an activity herself,  we re-joined the local YMCA. 

This would give wifey the option of going to yoga classes again,  and they have child care for the Tot and for chunky monkey,  who’s chunkiness seems to know no limit and has resulted in wifey severely hurting her back yet again lifting his chubby self.

Not to mention the fact that the ESY (Extended School Year) program that the Tot was enrolled in ended last week, and we desperately need an option for things to do with the Tot. 

Well yesterday was the first day we went to the pool at the Y. The Tot loved the pool as he does any pool  he sees. But the Y has a water slide too.  Well the first part of yesterday I had to hold his hand and walk him up the stairs each time he went.  Which makes to say was extremely tiring for my 42 year old self!

But by the end of the day the Tot was going down the slide on his own!  Awesome right?  But it gets better!  Today,  wifey was laid up in bed in pain,  so i forced Aspie Teen to get his suit on,  bundled up the Tot and his chunkiness I’m the van and headed to the Y so she could stay home and rest i’m relative peace. 

Well the Tot was SO well behaved!  Not only did he go up and down that slide by himself from the time we walked in to the time we left,  but he obeyed the rules, and waited for each kid in front of him to come out the end of the slide before he went up,  and he didn’t skip the line, but went right to the end of the line each time and waited his turn!  I almost fainted! 

At home the word wait is tantamount to declaring war on him!  And here he was being PATIENT! !!

This kids is trying to make a liar it of me!





Simply Freaking Awesome

We need more companies like this one.  I had to share this!

Charleston Trip Part II

Still on “vacation”. Today was really exhausting.  We went to a water park here in Charleston, and currently we are in a park somewhere after watching the firework display by the water.  Chunky is sleeping the sleep of the infant (I’m so jealous,  just saying).

Anyway thought I’d share some more pics.  Happy 4th of July everyone. 


Monkey Boy and I


Wifey and Tantrum TOT


The Infamous Monkey Boy


Aspie Teen and his ridiculous self


Chunky Monkey in the water


The Tot and his cousin

We came down to Charleston to meet up with my wife’s brother and his wife and son. Just posing some pics of the trip so far.


Tantrum Tot & his cousin


Playing on the fire truck


Monster in law, Aspie Teen, the Tot, Sister in law




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