We’re having logistical issues with where Rocky sleeps.  We have a cocker spaniel,  Gwen,  who is a pure breed that apparently is starting to go into heat. (How anything can go into heat up here in Narnia is beyond me), anyway, we have brought Rocky into our room each night and had to leave Gwen downstairs cause every time Rocky sees her he tries to jump on her!

AND Rocky isn’t fully house broken yet either!  (It’s unbelievable the amount of pee that comes out of that dog! ) So we had Aspie Teen take him outside at like 12:30 a.m., and then at 6:00 a.m.I took him out again. .. then I hooked Gwen up and took her out and while I was outside with her Rocky started HOWLING! ! WTH ????

Well then I come back inside and try for once to go back to sleep,  since wifey is always complaining that I never come back to bed… then Chunky woke up! So I changed his pamper,  put new pj’s on him,  put Veggie Tales on my Kindle Fire,  propped it up in front of his play pen and put him back down. 

Then I had to go get Monkey Boy dressed for school. Of course he doesn’t feel good and doesn’t want to go.  His mom let him stay. .. (my heartless @$$ would’ve sent him)… then while I’m making M.B. some tea… the Tot comes down and wants to push the button!  (He means the button on the coffee maker,  which I usually set up for wifey before I go to work each day), so I had to set that up and let him push the bloody button…

While that was dripping I took Rocky outside again, came back in,  gave the Tot coffee in his sippie cup, (very weak of course), and now wifey,  chunky,  the Tot,  and M.B. are all back to sleep and I’m awake!  Now to add insult to injury the monster in law just woke up came upstairs and planted her ass on the sofa! 

Hope your mornings are going better!