Holidays are always stressful in our house.  You gotta remember that on top of all the other logistical,  emotional,  mental stress that these holidays automatically bring,  in our house they are coupled with the added, other stress of having to tailor them to autistic needs and logistical issues.

One of the most prevalent issues we currently have is chunky adamantly refuses to stay in his high chair.  And since I idiotically threw the straps away just prior to our move, we can’t keep him in there!

Eating out in a restaurant is still currently out of the question.  Right now Rocky  the service dog behaves better in a restaurant than my kids do. (We’re working on that!)

This holiday we were even out of luck in the fact that our dubiously sometime baby sitter,  monster in law was down in the city attending my sister in law’s baby shower.

But if you know my wife,  she adamantly refuses to let any holiday pass without trying to make it special.  So we went and got them all chocolates, and we bought some T- bones and chocolate cupcakes (frigging awesome ones too). We let Aspie Teen cook up the steaks and dear God did he do a fantastic job on those steaks! We also got some candy for a candy tray.


Now trying to eat said steaks proved to be a trifle more challenging.  We had to barricade the dining room so we could sit and eat!!


Chunky at the barricade


Chunky overcoming the barricade

After dinner we all sat down and watched Alexander and the Terrible Horrible,   No Good,  Very Bad Day. Oh my God what a funny movie!  It was all the more funny cause I swear to God that it resembled nothing more than a regular day in our lives!


The kids were included in this day and we spent time together as a family doing what the kids like to do.  (I’ve mentioned before in this blog that ogre kids LOVE family movie night).

So harps and cherubs weren’t abundantly in attendance for Valentine’s Day in our house,  but I do think it was obvious that LOVE was present.