Monkey Boy 2

Tonight Monkey Boy has really pushed me to the limit. It’s been a building for the past few weeks…you see the poor kid is lonely. He is not the Aspie type who wants to retreat to his room and engage in his special interests and you have to import daylight to him…(like Aspie Teen)…

He is the I want someone to play with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and NO you can’t go home and you can’t stop playing with me! Unfortunately, the only friend he’s made here is constantly going to hockey practice and can never come out and play with him…(I have my suspicions about that).

So where does Monkey Boy turn to for a playmate? The Tantrum Tot!!! Now words don’t penetrate that thick head of curls which is attached to his shoulders. The words leave him alone! or GET AWAY FROM HIM!!!! Fall on deaf ears. Case in point, today around 8 p.m. we had the Tot nice and mellow sitting on the sofa watching Netflix for like 2 hours…Monkey Boy comes over and starts riling him up and then gets upset cause I have to keep telling him to leave his brother alone…

Then I finally get the Tot situated back on the sofa and I tell Monkey Boy to sit with him on the sofa watching Octonauts (the Tot’s recent obsession), and he tell me NO??? Then continues to get his brother upset to the point where the Tot lost words again!!!

God help their mother cause they are both off from school for the next 3 days !!!! Let us pray….