Enjoying the sun finally!

Chunky is now 19 months old and is completely non – verbal.  He is happy most of the time though. AND he actually communicates with us!  He will bring us to the table and grunt and squeals till we guess what he wants.

When he is happy he will squeal and laugh with such cuteness!  He gets very “flappy” when he’s happy, and will walk around flapping his hands like crazy. Or he’ll run around in circles and make himself fall over, or go running across the floor on his tip toes.   And he’s got the cutest giggle ever. 

Of course the flip side of that is that he has the most eat piercing yells too. But for the most part, he’s a happy Chunky. 


He’s never had a haircut and his hair is completely out of control. I can barely get him to eat anything most days and he hates bring “tied” in his high chair. He’s starting to play with his brother’s toys and Netflix keeps him occupied for hours.  He walks around with a baby blanket all day and won’t go to sleep without it.  He reminds me of Linus from the Peanuts gang.


I’m rapidly losing hope that he won’t be on the spectrum though.  In fact his mom and I are trying to get the process started to test him. I guess I’ll continue to be the only N.T in this house!