Today my wife,  the Monster in Law,  Chunky, Tantrum Tot and I ventured off to a thrift store the next town over. Now it goes without saying that by the time we got in the van to go I needed a drink (or 30).

Here are some pics from the venture.


They had this sign there, I thought it was awesome


The Tot wouldn't take his helmet off the whole time



The Tot & Chunky playing with their new toys

From these pics it looks like the day went all nice and calm and the little monsters were actually cherubs wouldn’t you?

The pics don’t show the amount of times I had to count to 10 or walk away or chase after chunky cause he bolted, or how loud he screamed, or how many times I had to avert a meltdown by the Tot. 

They don’t show the frustration, or the anger, the being fed up, the overwhelming urge to smash things simply because there is nothing you can do.

Everyone’s journey with autism, everyone’s experiences, everyone’s ability to cope is as different as how many different presentations there are of autism itself. 

Remember that everyone deserves the benefit of a doubt and everyone deserves understanding as well as compassion.  Be they autistic or Neuro typical. And no-one deserves to be judged.