It it’s with greatest sorrow that I have to say good bye to my mother who passed away this morning.

She had been sick,  suffering from dementia , Alzheimer’s and refusing to eat. She was on a feeding tube and her body just couldn’t take anymore.

She raised 7 kids,  oft time by herself, on little to no money at all.  She was loved and respected by everyone who knew her,  she was a woman of deep conviction and intensely strong faith, who did her best to “raise her children up in the way they should go”.

Every Christmas she’d make her famous puding de pan, which is bread pudding, she’s make 7 trays and give 6 of them away to people in the church even though she knew I could eat 4 trays all by myself. 

She leaves behind 4 daughters,  1 remaining son,  (me) and around 11 grandkids,  (there may be 1 or 2 more I’m not sure) and a host of people who will remember her for all the love she demonstrated to them.


My mother at my house


My mother holding Chunky