Well Cheri from SDWR is back to help with more training for Rocky. Due to his being sick,  we lost a lot of good training because we had to keep him isolated from the side of the house where we spend much of our day, cause he would “go potty” without notice. 

We’ve had some ups and downs with him… And of course the second Cheri stepped in the house,  He straightened back up and got right back in line, once again making liars out of us!

Ever notice how the kids do that too? Keep them home from school due to fever or vomiting etc. and when they get to the doctors office they’re feeling fine and break dancing making a liar out of you? Well apparently even the dogs are in on the action.

We sent the Tot to school even though he’s supposed to be here for training,  but since we’re working on basic obedience training, we figured the 3 hours he’ll be present from when he gets back and when Cheri leaves will be sufficient.

Here are some pics from yesterday’s training. Enjoy.


Wifey & Rocky leaving how to walk


Cheri & Wifey & Rocky


The Tot & Rocky


Wifey & The Tot