We are in the midst of buying a new house, which took way longer than expected/needed it to.  But finally we are done, we closed, and now our furniture can’t be delivered till the 16th, we have to be out of the rental house we’re in by the 15th, but we have to go have my mother’s funeral/memorial service on the 13th (SO much idiotic drama involved with that, that I can’t even speak about it),  to come back up here on the 15th and spend the night in an empty house so we can be there when our stuff is delivered. And oh yeah we have to have the place we’re in now cleaned too!

During all this madness and ridiculousness, we had to have Monkey Boy’s 11th birthday, wifey’s birthday is on the 19th, and Mother’s Day are all thrown in there for good measure. 

By the time this is all said and done,  I may have to sell my spleen, or my blood,  (or maybe if I’m lucky one of my kids) (JUST KIDDING) on E-Bay just to buy groceries.

We’ve been trying to bring stuff over to the new place little by little,  but the kids, although being good for them,  are really not conducive to any kind of work effort.  My wife is suffering from overload so badly, that she’s losing her words/ability to speak on a daily basis.

And to make matters worse, the monster in law has stayed in our house for a month,  refusing to go home and being such a b*#$! that she has me at the point that the sound of her voice,  makes me want to strangle her! And now today, where we have to make a major push on packing/cleaning, she says she’s going home! 

Not to start Mother’s Day on a bad note, but may she fall asleep under a camel with post nasal drip!