I haven’t blogged much lately,  since mom’s death,  moving etc. I haven’t had the energy, the inspiration or the desire to care too much to write anything.

But since it’s 2:30 a.m. and I’m stuck on the sofa with Chunky, I figured I’d throw a quick one up. 

Tuesday evening after work was challenging. My wife was feeling kind of crappy, after having to run Aspie Teen to the E.R. for a nosebleed that wouldn’t stop for over an hour.  Luckily my wonderful sister in law has been staying with us and stayed at home with the kids.

Anyway when I got home from work,  I did my Tasmanian devil routine,


straightened out the kitchen and dining room,  did the dishes in the sink, and cooked a quick dinner for everyone.  Of course while I was cooking was when the Tot broke the screen door right off the frame!

My wife went to bed early, due to her being completely overwhelmed,  which means that the Tot went in to the room about 20 times to bother her.  The monster in law was being her usual  useless annoying self, and the Tot started melting down cause his cousin is leaving today.

And of course this the first late night of my duty officer shift., so when the Tot comes home from day care his cousin will be gone and I know the mother of all meltdowns is imminent and my wife will be here all by herself to deal with it all alone!

So at 2:00 a.m.  I heard Chunky screaming and went to give him a bottle only to find someone else had given him one. But he was still screaming his head off.  My brother and sister in law were in the room right next door and the Tot was in his bed in the same room,  so I brought Chunky down to my room and put Mickey Mouse on my Fire T.V. on,  only to have it say I was low on band width and couldn’t play the show right after I got him quieted down on my pillow!

So I brought him out to the living room to watch Netflix via my blue ray player which seems to play better.  Then while I’m trying to get him settled down, the Tot comes down the stairs!  So now I’m jumping over the baby gate to get him cause I have another gate across my bedroom door that he can’t get over by himself, and my pajamas get caught on the gate while I’m straddled over it!

I got the Tot settled in my bed and now I’m on the sofa with Chunky watching Celery Night Fever by Veggie Tales! Luckily I don’t go in to work till 12:00 later! 


Please God,  let this kid fall back asleep!