What a day!  Overall the trip went well.  There was virtually no traffic on the way there or back. The biggest hiccup was when we first got there.  I kid you not, it took TWO HOURS to process us into that park!  AND we are season pass holders! 

It took about an hour and forty minutes to get through Guest Relations when we got there,  and another twenty minutes at Hospitality before we were able to go do something with the kids!  The Tot was melting down,  Chunky was melting down,   Monkey Boy was losing it,  and my wife was so overwhelmed,  she was losing speech!  It didn’t help that right when you first walk in they have their speakers blaring loud music.  Couple that with all the freaking melt downs going on around  us even I was starting to lose it! 

Once we made it through Hospitality,  we went to get our season pass drink cups,  which almost resulted in kids getting decimated.  Then it was very close to the time we had to get our first meals on the meal plan, or we wouldn’t be able to get anything to eat till dinner time! 

Well by then the Tot had had enough and I had to take him on a ride quick,  while everyone else was getting food or he was going to stake me out for the crows! 

Once we got on line at that first ride though,  he immediately returned to happy Tot.  I mean after a forty minute meltdown! 

Now I will say they did have great accommodations for us,  letting us utilize their immediate access pass program, which meant the kids got a wristband which enabled them to go to the exit area,  show the staff their bands and get in immediately along with four people with them. And they had child swap services as well!

The rest of the day went pretty damn good though, with Chunky getting a chance to ride some things for the first time too, although in the midst of $20 million rides and attractions his favorite activity was playing in puddles at the splash pad!  The Tot didn’t have any more meltdowns after the initial one all day!  There was some things he did but they were minor and overall he had an amazing day!

Monkey Boy hung out with our old neighbors the entire day which he really needed, and I was SO thankful to them for taking him and letting him hang with them! 

The funniest thing though, was that Rocky was probably the biggest attraction in that park!  I can’t tell you how many times we were stopped by people wanting to know about how he helped,  who trains him etc. I’m going to start having to carry  out SDWR pamphlets when I go back out!

All in all though,  It was great to see and hang with our neighbors, and the excursion, while exhausting and exhausting,  did I mention exhausting?  Was a good one.  Here are some pics from the day. Enjoy.


The Tot, Chunky and I on a train ride


The Tot in a car ride which he loved


Chunky playing in his puddle


Wifey CHunky and the Tot


The Tot playing with Rocky


Monkey Boy and his friend


Monkey Boy and our old neighbors


Me looking all bemused