The Tot is in rare form tonight,  for some reason he wants me to be glued to his side and NEVER leave… only Chunky is screaming his head off every time I leave him alone! 

And Monkey Boy,  who has been driving his mother crazy all day decides he’s had enough of being down in his man cave alone,  walks into the living room where Chunky is watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates and changes the program to one of his shows which the Chunk has no interest in,  so he’s screaming again now. And when I tell Monkey Boy why did he just do that HE catches an attitude with me!

And my wife’s back is in extreme pain and she’s trying to do research for her writing in the middle of this lunacy, so needless to say she’s overwhelmed and close to losing it herself.

Welcome to Casa de Crazy folks.  Where lunacy reigns supreme!