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My wife, who is an Aspie cannot take meds that are supposed to put her to sleep. Instead of going too sleep and staying asleep she regains consciousness and jumps up in a panicked state.

Meds that would put me out for hours (and have) , merely induce a mild state of relaxation in her followed swiftly by the onset of panic.

During dental procedures the novacaine fades almost immediately after her being injected.  Which causes no end of trouble.

I am wondering if any of you have similar experiences when taking such meds?

Our theory is that people with ASD metabolize these chemicals differently.

Please share your experiences with us?

I had originally intended to journal each day’s occurrences on this blog, however, let’s just say that I FAILED that intent…so I will just do a quick recap and maybe post some photos! LOL

Each day held it’s own challenges, moments of happiness and moments of “Oh my GOD I’m going to kill some people now!”

First off I have to say that my wife was amazing. Six months pregnant with Aspie Fetus, this pregnancy us taking a bigger toll on her buddy than the last three.

She had been in a constant state of exhaustion, and her need to eat in order to keep any kind of energy at all, and she hoofed it through the park for five days!

If there were moments of overloaded senses she hid them well. Of course she had her moments of feed me now or I’ll kill you, and she had a lot of get me to the pool before I melt into a puddle moments as well, but hey when you’re six months pregnant those are to be expected…right? Right!

Tantrum Tot had a bunch of good days as well. We purchased a new stroller for him (and Aspie Fetus) the one where one can sit in the front and sit/stand in the back. He loved it…(mostly)…of course he threw a few fits when I came to the point where I had to throw him in, and strap him down in order to get him to move on…but again that’s expected. He REALLY enjoyed splashing around in the splash pad…he got such a golden tan he looks like the Planter’s Peanut man.

Tot @ Splash Pad

Aspie Monkey Boy  LOVED the whole park and the splash pad and the wave pools…He made me get on SO many roller coasters with him…just loving the “Me & Dad Time”. (who’d have thunk it?) (You know you’re officially too fat to ride roller coasters when you can feel the “G” forces pulling your jowls down when you’re whizzing by). Also one night at the  hotel he snuggled up to me and made me watch Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days (AGAIN) – (we always bring a DVD player, wires and DVD’s when we go to a hotel for the evening down time) , but enjoyed the opportunity to snuggle me and spend that quiet time with me by himself …he let me know how much that meant to him which was priceless to me. Since we have problems communicating with each other, the fact that he let me know how much he loves me and was able to understand that I love him too was priceless for me. He also took me on this roller coaster called the Cobra (see pics). While on the ride, he jokingly asked me “Are we going to die on this ride Daddy? ” I said “Yep, probably”…and he grabbed my hand and said “Well at least we’re not going to die alone!” Aspie Monkey Boy can be really funny!

Cobra signCobra Ride

Aspie Teen – I am SO PROUD of him! He conquered his fear of heights and roller coasters! He usually NEVER goes on roller coasters because he’s scared of heights…but this trip he did it! And by the time we left he was dragging ME on them as well! Now I used to LOVE roller coasters but I’m officially too old for them …every time I step off one I need some Ibuprofen because they shook my head around so much I feel like it’s about to fall off my shoulders! We went on this ride called the Intimidator which is inspired by Dale Earnhardt (some racing guy)…anyway this ride had SO many drops that I literally got green…I’ve ridden so many roller coasters in my life…but it’s been SOOO long…I was sooo queasy after this one, but he rode 3 times! Again, I’m so proud of him!


All in all this was not the worst vacation we’ve been on! It was actually one of the most mellow times we’ve had! Probably because we were able to run them to death each day to the point that no one needed any Adderall for most of the nights!

Anyway that was our vacation in a nutshell. Till next time.

It has been a loooong 2 weeks around the Aspie household. It seems time stuck this household in a bottle, swirled the bottle around and watched us all spin around like crazy (emphasis on crazy), and when it seemed like the whirlwind would slow down, he’d spin it again.

Aspie Teen has been in RARE form, driving his mother crazy and being VERY self centered. Aspie Monkey Boy has been his usual crazy self, but it seems like the communication gap between him and I continues to grow. He wants to challenge every direction I give him. Which leads to minor melt downs and tantrums. Aspie Baby has been a literal Holy Terror. From morning to night he has been a NIGHTMARE on MY street!

I get emails and texts from my wife ALL day starting at 6:30 in the morning detailing how he’s driving her crazy. He’s screaming. He’s still screaming. Hasn’t stopped screaming yet. Now I’m (wifey) screaming! When I get home, he gets happy for a little while unless I try to do something crazy like leave the room or go to the bathroom. Then he’ll scream DADDY at the top of his lungs until I answer him or pound on the door to the bathroom with his head until I let him in or come out when I’m done. Image

(Those are his little fingers coming under the door).

He’s been waking up every 2-3 hours again even on Melatonin. I get up and give him a bottle and he goes back to sleep. Wifey is having a TERRIBLE time sleeping at night. Between heart burn, gas, and nightmare upon nightmare she has a hard time falling asleep and an even harder time staying asleep. Couple that with pregnancy hormones and it’s been a REAL blast! I feel sorry for her, and wish I could pay for her to go to a hotel down at Myrtle Beach and let her have a week for herself!

The past two weeks I’ve woken up feeling like the walking dead. If it wasn’t for my Bustelo and Adderall (for my ADD), I wouldn’t be able to function at work. Needless to say the house  is destroyed as well. I come home, help with the cooking. TRY to do the dishes but the next day some son of a bitch has come and used half the cups/glasses in the house AGAIN! I do laundry yet somehow lack the conviction to put it away after it’s done. Image

(found this pic on my iFunny app and thought it was SO appropriate)

Today we went to my wife’s cousin’s daughter’s 14th birthday party. She lives about an hour away. Her cousin is Italian/Irish/something and her husband is Mexican. So there was a LOT of food, music and while not a LOT, enough people that I could see the tension go into my wife’s body the minute we entered.  We spent most of the day by ourselves, as the boys splashed in the pool. I ended up having to chase Aspie Baby around all day with my wife spelling me at intervals. Aspie Baby wanted to go through the house, close every door a hundred times, flick every light switch on and off a hundred times, and finally ended up climbing in and out of the jeep for an hour or so. I had planned on getting SMASHED at this party, however when I saw how pooped my wife was getting and how Aspie Baby was behaving I cut it short and switched to Pepsi for the rest of the day.

We  walked into the house which after the clean orderly visit to her cousins house only drove home the disastrous mess we live in (for me anyway). Aspie Baby is passed out, Aspie Monkey Boy has had his Melatonin and is watching Netflix (and by the way the person who invented the streaming Netflix deserves a bloody Nobel Peace Prize), Aspie Teen, though he seemed to enjoy himself a LOT playing with the other teens and kids in the pool and in the yard afterwards, came home and ran right upstairs to his safe zone (room) to decompress after having had to interact with all those people, and wifey is laying down completely and utterly devoid of any energy whatsoever. I am waiting for the my last dose of Adderall to leave my system.

Even though wifey and I stayed mostly to ourselves today, (I’m going to write a post about that next), the day still exhausted her mentally, emotionally and physically. She said today tired her out more than  a day at an amusement park. I hope that is so, because next week we are taking the boys to an amusement park. We’ll see how THAT goes.

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