Today I picked up Monkey Boy from school early. When we were walking out, I told him that since Aspie Teen got to go to Miami with mommy, WE were going to go see Thor 2. He jumped up and shouted WOO HOO!!! MAN WEEKEND!!! LMAO!!! I almost dropped the baby seat I was carrying!

We went to the theater, and I at the snack bar, I told him to hold the bucket of popcorn so I could carry the car seat (yes Aspie Baby went to his first movie today), and he said Thank you Daddy for trusting me enough to give me the honor of carrying the sacred popcorn. This kid is killing me!!!!

During the movie, Aspie Baby started crying and I had to stand in the aisle rocking him back and forth and Monkey Boy came and sat at my feet to be close to me…

ImageAfter the movie I asked Monkey Boy what he felt like eating for dinner and he said Chinese food because and I quote “Aspie Teen isn’t here to complicate matters!!!”  His brother has huge issues with making choices and/or decisions and every single time we try to order out, it takes 30 minutes of arguing with the Teen to get the order right.

So we went and  got the Chinese food, picked up Tantrum Tot, and now that the Tot is passed out, we are going to rent The Man of Steel on Amazon instant video. FINALLY one of my kids is getting into superheroes like me!!!! LOVING IT!!!